A wide variety of roles and support when you need it

Searching for a job is stressful. Whether you are looking for your next permanent move or some short-term work to see you through, we have a wide range of roles on our books, including some you won’t see advertised anywhere else.


Whatever your skills

It doesn’t matter whether you are highly skilled or just come armed with life experience, our variety of roles and clients means we’re confident we can match you to just the thing you’re looking for.

Our practical support even means we’ll help you make sure you can get to the job, looking at bus routes or other public transport if that’s what you need.


Paid on time, the week after you work 

We all know getting paid is important, and we will never make you wait. If you’re working for us on a temporary basis we pay you on the Friday of the week after you start, and weekly after that. 


Stay in control of when you work with our Stafflex Hub

Our handy online Stafflex Hub lets you record your availability so we know when you can work, update your details and view your old timesheets.


Bespoke advice and support

We’ll help you figure out what kind of job would suit you best, matching your skills and what you like to do to a variety of roles. With four dedicated teams – education, industrial, office and engineering – we look after a wide range of jobs and can easily pass you from one team to another to get you the perfect role.


Get in touch for a friendly chat

Our dedicated education, industrial, office and engineering teams have a list of jobs available now and are always happy to chat to job seekers. Give us a call to book a time to pop in for an appointment on 01481 351010.


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