The Stafflex Hub

Manage your relationship with us and your workers by using our innovative platform Stafflex Hub.

Any changes you make using the Stafflex Hub are immediately reflected on our own database allowing you the freedom to manage your own recruitment process.

Complete and authorise new timesheets

Increase efficiency and ease the administrative burden by managing the timesheet process directly on the Stafflex Hub.

View outstanding and completed timesheets

Give yourself peace of mind with the ability to view historic timesheets which can be accessed anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

Update your company or personal contact details

There’s no need to directly contact us with changes to your company or contact details as you can simply update this using the Stafflex Hub giving you the flexibility to make changes whenever you want – it’s easy, simple and much less hassle.

View previous workers

You can view a list of candidates that have previously worked for your business or any candidates that have been added to your own shortlist by our consultants giving you flexibility to pick from a pool of potential workers.

Run customised reports

Download and view daily, weekly or monthly reports allowing you to analyse data and look for trends helping manage your staff and recruitment needs as simple as possible.

Easy accessibility

The Stafflex Hub is compatible to use from your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones – all you need is an internet connection!


If you require training on the Stafflex Hub, please contact us.


Click here to login to the Stafflex Hub. If you’re not registered please contact us to start your registration process.