How to attract the best candidates

Making hiring decisions in the current climate can be extremely stressful and time consuming so how can you be confident that you’re attracting the best candidates for the position?

We’re currently seeing record number of applications for positions as many overqualified candidates are applying for jobs they wouldn’t necessarily look at due to losing their jobs from the pandemic.

Here are our top tips on how to attract the right people to your company:


Shared values

One of the most important aspects of talent acquisition is for the employer and candidate to hold similar values – you’ll need to be looking for candidates that reflect your values and resonate with the company culture.

When values align it increases loyalty, happiness and productivity in the workplace. Ensure that your brand message and values are communicated to potential candidates whether that’s in the job description, interview, website just to name a few.

It always worth taking up a reference from their previous employer to see what they think about the applicant, think of it as an opportunity to dig a little deeper into their values!

Some organisations consider shared values so important that they’ve adopted a “value-based hiring strategy” which differs from traditional hiring as it prioritises specific beliefs and values rather than focusing on their ability to carry out the job.


Good reputation

Improving your company’s reputation is an on-going task that must be continually addressed.

Websites like allow current and former employees to anonymously review companies which can result in quality candidates easily being put off by reading negative reviews attributed to your business.

Employees will essentially act as brand ambassadors so it’s important to keep them happy. Negative press and poor reviews on social media are also extremely damaging threats to your brand.

Ensuring that you’re honest and transparent with both your staff and customers will go a long way to enhancing reputation. Also consider introducing employee benefit schemes or giving something back to the local community by supporting local charities, projects or initiatives to build and improve company reputation.


Make applying easy

Quality candidates can easily be put off by an overly laborious application process which they find too difficult and time consuming to complete.

The application process is a reflection of the company’s internal process so it is vital to make it as smooth sailing as possible – don’t overload candidates with forms and try to keep it simple!

If you’re struggling in this area then it might be worth speaking to a professional recruitment agency as they will have plenty of experience writing attractive and engaging job descriptions.


Clear job description

A concise and clear job description is key for the candidate to get a full picture as to whether or not they can carry out the job.

This should include daily tasks, key duties and responsibilities, qualifications/experience, scope for progression, who the role reports to, required skillset/qualifications, salary, company culture and employee benefits. We suggest the ideal length of the description to be around 600 words in total.


Opportunities for career progression

Candidates want to know what pathways are in place for them to climb the career ladder – be honest and communicate what opportunities are available in the long term.

Holding regular one to one meetings to discuss performance, pay, progression and concerns can go a long way as candidates are more likely to invest their talent in accompany that is willing to invest in them in return.

Employees with a clear pathway for progression are much likely to stay at your company meaning you can attract your best talent as well retain them!


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