Stafflex supply temporary staff for the Manufacturing, Continuous Process & Service Industries.

Nobody wants to waste money hiring and firing, training and supervising the wrong staff. We offer a ‘try before you buy’ deal where you can take on a new recruit on a fixed fee for a short term and if required, convert them to permanent staff for a reduced service charge.

At any point in time we can have over 300 staff working in organisations like yours. We know industry inside out and we have a huge database of local people looking for jobs. Pick up the phone and ask to speak to our Industrial desk where we can talk you through the service that we offer and get your recruitment needs sorted before they start to affect your profitability.

PLEASE NOTE: many of our temporary roles get filled very quickly by our bank of reliable candidates and therefore are not advertised on our website. If you are a jobseeker, you MUST be interviewed by us before we recommend you for a job so start the process today.