Brexit .... should we stay or should we go

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Brexit and the recruitment industry

“Cameron has negotiated the best terms possible. We should stay in and not rock the boat” … says Paul Balderstone, Director, Stafflex Recruitment Ltd.

“Intellectualising … is not always the best way to decide these matters” … says Brian Stahelin, founder of Stafflex and President of Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

“Better the devil you know” … says Nadio Granata, Stafflex, Head of Marketing.

Our poll carried out across our own team has resulted in:

  • 14% leave Europe

  • 33% stay in Europe

  • 53% don’t know

Our poll carried out across the internet via has suggested that 80% of our audience (very random users of the app), would vote to stay in and 20% would exit.

Our considered opinion is … we are undecided!

Those in favour of leaving Europe cite reasons such as it’s slowed down our progress due to all the red tape; immigration issues are worsened by us being in Europe and its not right to have faceless bureaucrats make our decisions for us.

Those in favour of staying in Europe suggest that it will destabilise the global economy if we left and therefore our economy will also be harmed, particularly in the short term. Other reasons for staying include the advantages ex-pats continue to enjoy in countries that otherwise would become anti UK.

Our exporting clients, of which we have far more than we ever had in the past, are understandably nervous at the moment. Given that 51% of the UK’s manufactured exports are exported to the European Union, many of our clients are likely to be affected by whatever decision is made. 

From a purely recruitment point of view, the issues are no less complicated. Certainly it would appear that leaving Europe would return more legislative control, though, ironically, this is likely to spark even more turmoil as the UK recruitment industry is left to implement whatever changes this might incur.

What do you think?

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