I'm not a pheasant plucker ....

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Top Ten Seasonal Jobs

I’m not a turkey plucker

I’m a tucker plucker’s son

And I won’t be turkey plucking

Until the …..

It’s that time of year when we start to get a little giddy at the prospect of taking some much deserved time off work surrounded by family and friends. The festive season is fast approaching as I write this piece and the first falls of snow have already been spotted on the hills surrounding our offices.

So I thought it would be timely to list some of the top jobs currently advertised on jobsites in the UK. They may not be the best paid, but they should bring a smile to you face ….


10. Xmas tree designer. If hanging baubles is something you are particularly fond of, then this extremely well paid job could be just for you. Be warned though, it does involve working with prickles!

9. Christmas Party DJ. Unlike New Year’s Eve djaying (if that is a word), Xmas Eve tends to be a much more civil affair with most parties taking place during the late afternoon and early evenings. At about £15 per hour, it’s certainly not the best paid Xmas job there is, but a little time spent under the obligatory mistletoe may well make up for the limited earnings!

8. Mince Pie Maker. It goes without saying that the mince pie industry goes berserk at this time of the year and despite the best efforts of some of the frozen food shops, the British bake-off public are seemingly obsessed with freshly baked mince pies. At about £15 per hour, it’s another one of those ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’ opportunities. Note: for ‘mince’ also see ‘pork’ and practically any other pie! Yum.

7. On-call doctor. Coming in at about £1000 per day, this is definitely a bumper time for our on-call doctors. Dealing with sprout-induced flatulence and other crimbo-related illnesses is definitely the business to be in when demand is high and supply is … well, almost non-existent.

6. Yes, you guessed it …. Turkey plucking hits the top ten list. Paying the paltry (no pun, that would be ‘poultry!), minimum wage, our turkey pluckers are much in demand as we continue to favour the humble bird over any other meats at the festive time.

5. Private chef. Earning over £500 for the day, there’s a real upsurge in demand for those of us who profess to be a dab hand in the kitchen. With so many of the UK public obsessed with celebrity chefs, some of our better off neighbours are increasingly turning to professional chefs to step in and prepare the festive feast whilst they tuck in to the sherry. It’s not a bad little earner if you’ve no family or friends to rush home to!

4. Personal shopper. There are some folk who just don’t know what’s best for them … and so they hire a personal shopper. For a mere £200 per day, you can treat yourself, or a loved one, to a man Friday who will help take the strain out of spending all that dosh on stuff you probably just don’t need (bah humbug strikes again!).

3. Event management. Whether it be ice-skating in the park or nativity plays in the shopping precinct, the UK goes crazy for entertainment throughout the coldest and busiest retail weeks of the year. There’s no shortage of jobs available as the events industry hits its height for a limited period only. You must be good at dealing with the general public, often whilst under the influence (them, not you!).

2. Christmas Grotto Elves.  Christmas is not Christmas without a little elf from your friends (see what I did there?). All across the country, town centre managers are crying out for Santa’s little helpers. At an average of £7 per hour, it’s not going to fund many trips to Lapland, but I guess if you start around Easter then you might have a chance!

1. Santa Claus! No bonus points for guessing our favourite Xmas seasonal job is dressing up as Santa Claus. Despite the recent austerity measures and reported decline in behaviour in our inner cities and town centres … the one job that keeps coming back year after year is the role of being Santa Claus. The pay is still poor, but play your cards right and you get enough mince pies, carrots for the reindeers and tipples of rum to keep you charged for the whole of the year!

Merry Christmas everbody and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year from everybody at Stafflex. Ho, ho, ho!

Check out our website for new jobs coming available. www.stafflex.co.uk


Nadio Granata fhea, mcim, airp is a freelance marketer, associate lecturer at Leeds University Business School and retained consultant to the recruitment industry


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