Our Top Tips for Changing Jobs in 2017

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 I am writing this as Christmas is fast approaching. The cold dark nights have turned to bitter, frosty mornings and the supermarkets are turning up the volume with their endless stream of seasonal hits from the distant past (can anyone name a recent Christmas song?). 

By the time you are reading this, the tree you lovingly decorated will already be losing its needles and New Year resolutions will just about be kicking in. Your phone may be updated with the latest fitness app as you join the many millions determined to finally do something about our health and wellbeing. And so, to the topic of New Year resolutions from the perspective of your local recruitment specialists …

Here’s Our Top Ten Resolutions for a successful career in 2017

1. Social Profile

Whether you like it or not, your profile on social media is there for others to see. Whether you are an avid ‘tweeter’ or a passive ‘facebooker’, you are highly likely to have some online presence so make sure it is up to date and accurately depicts who you are. That embarrassing photo from last year’s Xmas party or the post you were tagged in by your kids whilst wearing your most embarrassing onesie …hide them, delete them or at least comment about them and let the world (and your future employer) know that you are a fun person, happy to take the mick out of yourself!

2. Professional Profile

Similar to your social profile, your professional profile is hugely important when you are job hunting. Recent research shows that up to 87% of recruiters will check out your LinkedIn profile as part of your interview process. Significant importance is attached to the posts that you have made, the size of your network and the quality of your career history. LinkedIn has changed massively over the years and now allows you to upload videos, dynamic links to articles or blogs you have written and all sorts of useful features designed to help your job hunting.

3. CV Update

If you are like me, your CV will be ancient! I first wrote mine when I was about 16 and have just added and added to it over the years. Recently, however, I invested £95 in having it rewritten by a professional cv writer. The change was dramatic and well worth the investment. Essentially, they reorganised my career history and highlighted my most significant achievements (yes, there’s one or two!). They also rewrote my introduction and took out the waffle. Most significantly, they turned ‘jobs’ into ‘projects’ which makes a great deal of sense from a recruiter’s point of view.

4. Network

Talking to people who work within your industry is one of the best ways to finding employment. Find out what events are taking place where you will be able to rub shoulders with your potential employers. Check out the networking sites such as http://www.networking4business.com/ and www.eventbrite.co.uk where you can filter by event type, location and cost. Make sure you have a good ‘elevator pitch’ ie. you can succinctly describe who you are and what type of work you are looking for.

5. Research

Technological changes are impacting on the work place at a faster rate than ever before. Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and 3D printing are just three of the innovations high on the transformational landscape. Spending a little time to get up to speed with the current state of your industry, who the major players are, what the latest trends are etc is time well spent and when done effectively, it will leave you feeling empowered and eager to make your mark.

6. Get fit for business

A healthy mind is often related to a healthy body. Time spent out of the workplace can leave you feeling a little down and perhaps not as agile as you might wish to be. Spending a little time doing those press ups or swimming a few lengths at your local pool will leave you feeling brighter and revitalised.

7. Training

Get yourself signed up to a training scheme which will plug that knowledge gap you’ve been aware of for years but avoided doing anything about. There are lots of free webinars and online courses you can do from the comfort of your own home or check out your local FE college who have a load of valuable courses to offer.

8. Join an agency

Last but certainly not least, get yourself on the books of a recruitment agency. Choose one who you can have easy access to, who has a specialism in your field of work or in the territory you want to work in, or both. By getting to know your recruitment partner, they will be better able to filter through the online job adverts for you and identify real opportunities for you. They will also be able to share your cv with their clients and fast track the recruitment process for mutual benefit.

All that remains is for us here at Stafflex to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2017!



Nadio Granata mcim; fhea, airp is head of marketing at Stafflex Limited, Chartered Marketer and Associate Lecturer at University of Leeds Business School.

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