Top Tips on Being The Best Company to Work For

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Does your company give you time out to do your yoga workout or tend to the bees in your allotment? Do they ship in sushi on a Friday or provide chilled Prosecco on your birthday? Have they ever taken you for a hike up Kilimanjaro or sponsored you to go scuba diving off Eilat?

If the answer to these questions is a ‘no’ then you’re not on your own. Research shows, however, that those companies which do invest in such ‘perks’ tend to be the ones which gain the most loyalty, productivity and passion from their staff. When times are hard, and let’s face it, the UK economy seems to be increasingly edging towards more austere times and not less (discuss), those of us who have been generous to our workforce when it would have been easier to pocket the cash, are the ones who are most likely to survive and even thrive through periods of instability or even decline.

The following is a list of Top Tips on how to make your workforce feel loved and … as we all know, a little love goes a long way!

  • Leadership

What your employers think about the senior leadership of your organisation matters … a lot! Strong but fair and consistent leadership is the name of the game. Become a ‘thought leader’ or ‘go to person’ in your industry and your staff will respect you for it and not want to let you down.

  • Wellbeing

Work-life balance is massively important. Remote working, flexible working, virtual working … call it what you will, the workplace is changing and so are our working habits. Make it a rule not contact colleagues when they are on holiday, weekends or even after hours. Give them that distinct break they need, allowing them to separate work from home life thereby recharging the batteries on a regular and reliable basis.

  • Give back

Companies with a social conscience make their employees feel extra proud. Giving back to society is not always an easy thing to do and by making it easier through company initiatives, your workforce will feel better about themselves and the environment in which they work and play in.

  • Personal growth

“Nothing ever got bigger without being stretched” … sounds a little like a Frankie Howard comment rather than a business tip … but it’s true. Challenge your workforce and they will respond with gusto, so long as you recognise the effort they put in to achieve these goals. Put Personal Development Plans (PDP) in place, but make sure they are ‘owned’ by your staff as opposed to ‘inflicted’ on them.

  • My line manager

Whilst it is great to be working for an amazing company, it might well not be so great working for an individual manager who is off message with the company ethos. What staff think to their immediate boss overrides their passion for the company, so be sure to keep your management in tune with your beliefs etc

  • My team

Similarly, working with or for a team can absolutely dictate the mood of the day. Teamwork is fraught with problems, be them logistical or personal, cultural or otherwise. Ensuring that team leadership is strong, well-structured and managed, will significantly contribute to an individual’s sense of belonging and self-worth.

  • Fair deal

Last, but certainly not least, staff will always feel better if they are remunerated fairly. It’s pretty easy these days to find out what others are being paid for a similar job and if your workforce feels underpaid and undervalued, no matter how happy they are with all the points above, they will not be nominating you for any awards. Be fair and, equally important, be consistent. Discrepancies almost always leak out and cause more problems than they are (probably, but not always), worth.

Nadio Granata fhea, mcim, airp is a freelance marketer, associate lecturer at Leeds University Business School and retained consultant to the recruitment industry

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