King James's School

Thursday, January 2, 2020

King James's School 

"We have used Stafflex for many years and they have proven to be a highly effective partner. As such we have a very strong professional, working relationship with them. They are always our first port of call to solve any temporary staffing vacancies.

If we contact them at very short notice, they are able to meet our needs very promptly. They are equally effective at solving long-term recruitment problems. We have always found them to be easily accessible, no matter what the hour, and extremely efficient at providing staff for us.

Having built up such a strong relationship, they fully understand our requirements and are adept at sending us appropriate staff. On the rare occasions when we have needed to provide critical feedback regarding staff, they have listened effectively and responded appropriately to our comments.

As a result we find that they provide excellent value for money and are a very trusted partner.”

Ian Rimmer, Principal at King James's School