Common misconceptions about Stafflex education recruitment

Monday, January 17, 2022

We have noticed there is a lot of misinformation circulating on social media in particular teaching forums about how agencies operate. In our response to this, we would like to clarify our stance:


Paid to scale

We believe that all teachers should be paid in line with recommendations from the School Teachers' Review Body on teachers' pay.

All of our teachers are paid to scale so for example if you are an M6 teacher and have been working in a teaching position, then you will be paid according to that specific pay scale.

No to umbrella companies

We use the PAYE scheme, which means you will always receive the pay rate advertised and there will be no misleading or unfair deductions. It also means no breaches to your holidays or pay entitlement – these appear to be common issues associated with umbrella companies.

In our 20-year history, we have never chosen to use an umbrella company and we never will.

We have been approach a number of times over the years but we have never been convinced that the umbrella company model is an ethical way to do business. For more information about Umbrella Companies, click here.

Holiday pay

Holiday pay is based on an accrual basis where you build up holidays for every week worked. This avoids any confusion as holiday pay is kept separate rather than including it in your pay slip.

If you have enough holiday-pay accrued for any requested time off, this will be paid as normal with your weekly wage. If there is not enough pay accrued, then you can still take time off but will not be paid for hours not worked.


No commission structure

We’re not a commission-based agency, instead we promote collaboration amongst teams and building strong relationships with our schools and agency workers.  

Put back into the community

We spend a significant amount of our profits on giving back to the local community as part of our diverse and long-standing sponsorship programme.

In the last 12 months supporting over 30 good causes in the past including festivals, sports organisations, schools, colleges, events and more. For further information, click here.


Would you like to speak us?

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