Should your business invest in an employee benefits scheme?

Friday, June 28, 2019

With unemployment falling and the challenge – and expense – of gaining and retaining good staff, companies today are offering a raft of employee benefits, from childcare vouchers to integrated bike desks.

Whilst most of us share certain basic expectations – decent salary, positive working environment, recognition for our achievements – businesses today shouldn’t underestimate the importance of employee perks.

As a recruitment company, we see first-hand the benefits of offering incentives to staff, whatever their level of employment. This can range from free hot drinks to staff outings; flexible working to training provision; Christmas bonuses to time off for volunteering.

Some firms take it one-step further, providing computer games rooms, holiday retreats, skiing lessons or onsite hair salons.

Because we recognise the importance of rewarding staff, we don’t just pay lip service to the principle: Stafflex employees are offered a total of 28 in-work benefits, from bonus schemes and loyalty holidays to remote working and childcare vouchers. This investment in staff has contributed to a year on year increase in annual turnover and high staff retention figures.

Rewarding employees makes sense on every level, not simply as an altruistic gesture. Happy staff are motivated, productive and loyal. Attention to staff health and wellbeing – whether it’s providing free gym membership, in-house yoga sessions or an ergonomic workstation – also has a positive impact on productivity and reduces absenteeism from conditions such as back pain.

In short, investing in your staff equates to investing in the future of your business!

This article was written by Brian Stahelin, Managing Director at Stafflex.