Stafflex Recruitment News Update

Friday, July 27, 2018

Every month, our experts comment on the biggest and most interesting recruitment news across the country.

In this edition, business development executive, Harry Chahal looks at retail giant Amazon’s plans to employ an additional 2,500 staff in the UK by the end of the year and news that accountancy giant PwC has banned all-male job shortlists in an effort to improve its gender pay gap.


Amazon to employ 2,500 staff bringing total UK workforce to 27,500

It has been reported that retail giant Amazon will create 2,500 permanent jobs in the UK taking the total workforce to 27,500 by the end of the year.

The recruitment drive will cover a wide range of roles including software developers, engineers and technicians from highly skilled to those seeking entry level positions.

Chancellor Philip Hammond called Amazon's announcement "a clear vote of confidence" in the UK workforce and economy.

Amazon said it has invested more than £9.3 billion in its UK operations since 2010. Amidst all the negative Brexit talk at the moment, it’s great to have big multi-national company such as Amazon commit to long term recruitment plans in the UK.


All-male job shortlists banned by accountancy giant PwC

Accountancy giant PwC has banned all-male job shortlists in an attempt to increase the number of women in senior roles at the firm.

It is the first of the big four accountancy firms (Deloitte, KPMG and EY) to ban all-male shortlists. It said the move was prompted by its recent pay gap report showing men on average earned 43.8% more than women.

The firm also plans to ban all-male interview panels as a way to narrow the gap. Recruitment agencies working with the firm were told that they would have to provide ‘diverse’ shortlists if they wanted to retain their contracts.

PwC must be applauded for making the decision as this is a big step in creating an equal society for men and women. Hopefully the other big accountancy firms will follow suit leading  to many other businesses reviewing their policy to ensure fair recruitment processes.