Stafflex Recruitment News Update

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Every month, our experts comment on the biggest and most interesting recruitment news across the country.

In this edition, Business Development Executive, Donna Blezzard, looks at how the new data protection laws are causing confusion amongst small businesses as well as news that 1,600 IT workers and engineers were denied UK visas after being offered jobs.


GDPR: Data protection overhall hits small businesses

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is causing confusion amongst small businesses. It will be the biggest shake-up to data privacy in the last 20 years, aiming to tighten up how companies gather and use data.

 A UK survey of 906 firms by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found only 8% had completed their preparations.

Many small business heavily rely on contacting customers via email and feel that there has been a lack of clarity with many experts disagreeing on GDPR best practice.

Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has put some minds at rest by stating that businesses will ”need time before they are fully compliant” suggesting that the government will be fairly lenient for a period of time before they start to clamp down on non-compliant businesses.

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1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas

The BBC has reported that more than 1,600 IT specialists and engineers offered jobs in the UK were denied visas between December and March.

They were denied because the number applying exceeded the monthly limit allowed to enter the UK but critics argue that this kind of policy doesn’t help the government, employers or the public.

If we are to further develop our high tech economy then it is vital that the government finds a balance between allowing skilled overseas workers into the UK and also ensuring that the British public are given a fair opportunity to apply and fill the roles.

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