• Holly D

    Thank you for all of the support and help I was given when I joined the agency. I cannot tell you enough how Stafflex and yourself made me feel good again when I first came to join the agency.

    Thank you for helping me to find myself again. I will wholeheartedly continue to recommend Stafflex to all of my teaching friends.

    Holly D
  • John

    I always feel I can call you anytime for anything I need, and you are there to help or answer any questions I may have.

  • Sonia

    Very good. Able to help with any concerns I had. Were able to offer work for the whole academic year which I enjoyed immensely.

  • Amanda

    Absolutely stunning customer service. All the staff are professional and approachable.

  • Cheryl H


    Cheryl H
  • Judith

    Stafflex staff are very supportive. I made contact with Stafflex only 2 week and they offered me work. After m interview they called to discuss the process and when I was offered the placement they were on the ball at letting me know.

    Throughput my placement they always kept in touch. I have felt very included as a Stafflex employee.

  • Deborah

    Stafflex provide an outstanding service, the team are very customer orientated, approachable and their commitment to their community is commendable.

  • Marilyn S

    I definitely recommend Stafflex as the agency of the moment whether you want to work in industry, do office work or work in education.

    Stafflex do it all and will find work that suits you best. Since working for them, they have tried their very best to get me the type of work and number of hours I require. Work for them and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

    Marilyn S
  • Marina J

    I’ve worked for Stafflex for 5 years and found them friendly, approachable and professional.

    They always take your needs and preferences into account and are always happy to talk. This is a really magnificent family run business.

    Marina J
  • Amanda

    Stafflex is the most professional agency I’ve worked for. They make you feel really valued.