Should your business outsource its recruitment?


The benefits depend on the size of the organization and how skilled staff are in the recruitment process. It is arguable that most employers/line managers are not trained in the recruitment process and are just expected to get on with it however in reality it is a lot more complex.

The cost of recruiting just one senior level permanent employee can be enormous – particularly for smaller businesses. The total cost can run into thousands or more as the line manager has to make up time to do their own job as well undertaking activities including:

  • Job evaluation approving decision to hire
  • Writing up effective recruitment advert
  • Placing advert and replying to responses
  • Reading response of CV’s and application letters
  • Deciding who to invite for interview
  • Sending rejection letters to the others
  • Arranging interviews and conducting interviews (sometimes multiple stages)
  • Making verbal intent to offer and confirming in writing
  • Dealing with any questions re contract
  • Waiting period for candidate to start work (subject to their existing contract)
  • Arranging interim worker if necessary
  • Chasing up references
  • Arranging and conducting induction
  • Organizing starter paperwork (such as payroll, insurance, pension etc.)


This is not an exhaustive list and all activities take time and money to complete – there are associated costs involved in dealing with administration, advertising, training and other areas.

Also consider that recruitment of the wrong person can have a negative impact on the rest of the team affecting staff morale and bringing general productivity down as other employees are forced to pick up the slack.

If your business is not readily equipped to handle the complexities and nuances of the recruitment process in terms of knowledge, expertise and training then it may be worth considering how a professional recruiter may be able to help.


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