Stafflex partner up with The Liberti Group

Monday, February 5, 2018

Stafflex and The Liberti Group announce a strategic partnership aimed at developing businesses in the Huddersfield and surrounding districts. The companies will collaborate in a number of areas all aimed at adding value to their existing client base.

The Liberti Group acts as the parent company to a number of sister businesses across the world who operate under their own distinct brands and across a range of commercial disciplines from finance, to sales and marketing, to information technology and human resources.

“By partnering with Stafflex, The Liberti Group is looking to gain access to desirable high calibre technical and industrial staff for our largely industrial customer base.  We see this partnership as a way of helping our customers become more efficient and reduce costs” said Debra Lee, Regional Director at People Puzzles.

Brian Stahelin, Managing Director at Stafflex said: “We are very excited to partner up with The Liberti Group as we recognize that many of our SME clients are not able to afford this kind of consultancy service and this partnership allows them to access a wealth of knowledge, expertise and support from experienced professional consultants across a range of different fields.”

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