About Stafflex

Stafflex was established in April 2000 by Brian Stahelin. Initially focused on placing temporary staff within technical and industrial positions, Stafflex added the Education Division in 2002 and then expanded in to Commercial Recruitment in 2011.

Brian still runs the company and has an active part in developing the strategies that have led to our spectacular growth. We are currently one of the largest independent recruitment agencies in the north and one of the biggest employers in Kirklees.

WE WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or ours, by looking to fill vacancies unless the fit is right. This forms the basis of all our work and is why we are trusted by so many clients.

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  • We are in business to make sustainable profits.  Our chosen method is the provision of labour.  We intend to be the best in our field.
  • We will re-invest profits in the development of:



              Relationships with clients

  • We will be pragmatic, open and honest in all our dealings – whether they be with Applicant, Worker, Employer, Supplier, member of the General Public or a Stafflex Limited Employee.
  • We will also deal with everyone equally, regardless of Age, Sex, Nationality, Faith, Religion, Disability or Moral Position (i.e. vegetarian) and unspent convictions. 
  • We will comply with legal requirements and endeavour to observe best practice at all times.
  • We will select Workers for jobs on the basis of:

               They can do it

               They can get to it

               They want to do it

  • We will always endeavour to obtain the best possible pay rates for our Temporary workers.