Values - The Stafflex Way

We’re a family business and we all believe in the Stafflex Way which is essentially one simple rule;

"Obtain maximum information from both the client and candidate which allows us to make the best matching and selection decisions as possible."


Our Core Values:

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Our strategy has always been to build long lasting relationships allowing us to understand your business so that you come back to us whenever the recruitment requirement arises.

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We maintain a high level of service which means our clients and candidates are passionate about working for us, through us and with us.

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We strive to deliver effective solutions at every stage of the recruitment process.



We care about West Yorkshire and the people in it and we believe that a successful business leaves behind a legacy of supporting their local community.

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We pride ourselves on being quick to reply, honest and straight talking with no recruitment jargon plus you can speak to us any time of the day.

How we work - Three C's

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Client Acquisition

Use our core values to bring on board new clients and help grow their business.

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Customer Service

Provide the highest level of personalised service different for every client.

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Client Retention

Develop long term relationships that benefit everyone involved.

Our Purpose

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We are in business to make sustainable profits by helping people find jobs.